Savage Hart Book Services is a web-based boutique for independent authors. Here at Savage Hart Book Services, our hearts are savage when it comes to the production of top quality self-published books. We believe that self-published books should be just as polished and professional as traditionally published books, and maybe even a bit better.

We cover everything from cover design, editing, and formatting, to tips on pricing and marketing & promotional plans. Being indie is a cool spot to be in right now, but if your book is lazy with any above-mentioned element involved, well, that’s just not as cool. Furthermore, we believe in supporting struggling artists. Our services come at a can’t-beat price with a hell-yes end result.

Let us help you. Let us put the beauty back in the basics and make your book the very best it can be. We’re here to spread a little bit of magic in the self-publishing arena. Let’s prove to the world that self-published books can be just as beautiful as traditionally published books. Let’s show them that indie authors actually give a damn about their work. Yeah, let’s do this.